For years a few scholars and pundits have maintained that the so called Cuban revolution was nothing but the crowning of a patient, skillful and effective conspiracy quarterbacked by Moscow’s operatives. For the most part, academia, pundits and the general public seem to have succumbed to the theory of Castro’s geniality and his capacity to foresee future hurdles and turn “reversals into success”.

One could name hundreds of coincidences; fortuitous events, timely deaths and convenient betrayals to illustrate the presence of Moscow behind any and all steps taken by the “barbudos” since the outset of that most diabolical experiment of social and economic engineering that, thanks to some perverse psychological mechanism is still defended by the likes of Bernie Sanders and so many others within the ranks of the Fourth Internationale.

And yet, I’ve heard analysts argue that if the Cuban Junta had really been a pawn in the Soviet chessboard it would had simply collapsed together with its brethren satellite regimes of Eastern Europe. In a superficial analysis it makes sense; but then again, it lacks incisiveness and historic context. All the operatives involved in the seduction of Fidel Castro and the steering of his authoritarian initiative towards the Soviet sphere of influence were staunch Stalinists. They were schooled in the harshest tradition of Bolshevism and class struggle; therefore, after a brief period of shy renovation under Kruschev they welcomed Brezhnev’s totalitarian stagnation and status quo. It has occurred to me sometimes that probably the so called “microfraccion” was, at least in part, caused by the instability created by Kruschev’s revisionism and condemnation of Stalin.

While the CPSU( Communist Party of the Soviet Union) had undergone some sort of pale renovation, the cadres that had achieved Cuba’s inclusion in the socialist bloc remained the same old conspirators and they showed no signs of renewed perspectives. It may come as no surprise, therefore, that the old communists sided with Castro in his obtuse and stubborn defense of the old order which was, ultimately, his only chance of political survival. The failure of perestroika in the island and the subsequent perpetuation of the nightmare does not in the least contradict the theory of Castro communism as the outcome of an international plot.

Andrés Albuquerque
   Born in Havana, Cuba in 1956 he lived his childhood and adolescence in a family of members of the PSP, Popular Socialist Party.
  Graduated as a professor of higher education in English linguistics and language, he left the island in 1988 because of a frontal clash with the regime’s dogmas.
  He has lived in Italy, the Dominican Republic and Mexico and since 2007 he lives in Miami where he is an active member of the Cuban-American community and one of his most recognized spokesmen; As a profession, he operates the tourist operation and the administration of condominiums in addition to actively participating in local television panels.
  He is a member of the Republican Party and actively participates in the ideological and philosophical sphere. Founder and leader of several political organizations such as Civic Consciousness and Afro Cuban Forum. He owns the Cuban, Italian and American citizenships

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