For years we’ve heard the Democrats and the so-called immigration advocates call for open borders; they are smart enough not to use those two words, they even say they are mindful of our national security but they are not. Let us see the problem in its entirety:

1- It was a Republican, Ronald Reagan, and not a Democrat, the last president to bring about a “solution” for millions of illegal aliens in our country. The measure was not followed by the appropriate modifications to broken immigration system and decades later we are back to square one.

2- Both Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama failed to deliver on their promises. The latter had the sixty votes in the Senate needed to pass an immigration reform but he chose to make good on his commitment with the powerful “health cartel”. Again, he had the sixty votes and chose to look the other way. It is not clear to me whether it was simply a matter of priorities or a well conceived plan to keep the immigration drama alive and thus have always a tool to blame the Republicans. The left enjoys success, but it thrives on perpetual crisis as a non perishable to fuel its rhetoric. Achievements bring votes for some time, endless crises bring votes forever.

3- Their effort seems to be focused on the illegals; no liberal ever talks about an obsolete immigration system by virtue of which law abiding individuals do not find any incentive to wait in line and those who break the law are handsomely rewarded; why is that? Because those who follow the rules are usually people with certain skills, with a modicum of education and are less likely to fall hostage of the plantation mentality; whereas a broad segment of those who rush through the border can barely speak English, are in need of financial aid and are prepared to live; if forced by dire circumstances, in the very verges of legality. They are most likely to march with the left, to chant the usual empty slogans and to demand the very rights they are not prepared to defend in their own countries.

4- Regardless of its approach to illegal immigration, every administration allocates a certain amount of funds to face this phenomenon. Most of us are not aware that while the risk of patrolling the border and fighting smugglers and cartels is left to our men and women in law enforcement, the juicy business of manning the detention centers goes to private companies. It is imperative that we verify how much we spend for each detainee and how much is actually used to his or her upkeep. The difference; and believe me, there wouldn’t be a private company if there weren’t a difference, goes to someone’s bank account. Therefore, the more illegals the higher the profit. For who?. I invite the reader to verify this numbers. One thing is certain: the employees of those PRIVATE companies are compelled to sign an NDA. Non Disclosure Agreement.

5- The left uses once and again the sound byte of the needy, the hungry and so on; however their ammunition is mainly aimed at our southern border; they are not interested in a proportioned, gradual, multi ethical immigration; despite their claims of universality they want to fill America with Pérez and Rodriguez; Latin America, with its inveterate anti Americanism and its ungovernability is the best recipe for the defacing of our nation. America has grown into a dream thanks to its immigrants, but to ALL immigrants. A disproportionate and overwhelming majority of Latin Americans in the mix will undoubtedly enable the liberals to abolish the electoral colleges and pack the Supreme Court. Finally, the rampant violence that has prevailed south of Rio Grande will suddenly fill the US with citizens prone to toss the Second Amendment.

5- For decades the slogans of the left called for a fair relationship between the rich nations and the Third World. Kennedy even launched his most heralded Alliance For Progress. At the current stage of capitalism it is no longer useful to exploit other nations; the poorer nations may no longer be seen as a source of cheap natural resources and even cheaper labor but as an immense reservoir of consumers; as a new market. It is therefore in our best interest to guarantee that they achieve a much higher purchasing power. We need them there; they must be avid consumers we don’t need them populating slumps and inner cities in our country but building high rises and new cities in theirs. We need them to build a large and prosperous middle class in their own countries rather than becoming the have nots and the less fortunate in ours. One may arguably object that corruption is so rampant in the Third World that whichever resources we invest in those nations will end up making a few rotten politicians richer with no substantial improvement for the larger sectors of their populace. The answer is that there are ways to incentivize direct investments. The truth is that the Fourth Internationale needs poverty and misery in order to finally come for our jugular; a prosperous environment and a richer Third World hinder ñtheir final solution. The Fourth Internationale and their allies in America do not care for the poor, for the needy, for the hungry. They want absolute control of our lives.

The wisdom of a fair, rational, and most of all beneficial immigration system would take volumes to describe. May the elements above help my fellow Americans realize that we can be generous and caring without necessarily becoming suicidal. The same loonies that cry foul for the alleged precariousness inflicted on illegal immigrants remain complicity silent in view of the precariousness and the violence that sweep our African American communities. Opportunism at its best and we seem willing to take it. We must keep in mind that what the left wants… the left gets.

Andrés Albuquerque
   Born in Havana, Cuba in 1956 he lived his childhood and adolescence in a family of members of the PSP, Popular Socialist Party.
  Graduated as a professor of higher education in English linguistics and language, he left the island in 1988 because of a frontal clash with the regime’s dogmas.
  He has lived in Italy, the Dominican Republic and Mexico and since 2007 he lives in Miami where he is an active member of the Cuban-American community and one of his most recognized spokesmen; As a profession, he operates the tourist operation and the administration of condominiums in addition to actively participating in local television panels.
  He is a member of the Republican Party and actively participates in the ideological and philosophical sphere. Founder and leader of several political organizations such as Civic Consciousness and Afro Cuban Forum. He owns the Cuban, Italian and American citizenships

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